Iberinve, in the role of investors and promoter, has purchased, renovated and constructed buildings in Madrid and Barcelona’s most prominent business areas.

Each of these meets the cutting edge technological standards imposed upon by the demands of the market, in addition to being strategically located to meet our client’s best interests.

Rehabilitation and construction

Best locations
Technological adaptation
The renovation of prestigious, historic buildings, and their conversion to functional interior spaces is one of iberinve’s primary interests. Each case requires different and unique solutions. In order to respect the facades and maintain valuable decorative elements or use original materials, Iberinve has enlisted the best professionals in the field. Prominent architects such as Ricardo Bofill, Rafael Fernández or Federico Echevarría have collaborated on projects that reflect our commitment to preserving these values.



This building is located on Alfonso X Street and in close proximity to the Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid’s main business thoroughfare, and to María de Molina, access route towards Madrid’s airport. This location is easily accessible from all directions.

The completely restores building blends beautifully into its surroundings while featuring top-notch qualities and functionality. Its daring facade, in Sepúlveda rose natural stone, opens into an interior space maximising the concept of architectonic humanisation. Alfonso X dedicates more than 1.800 m2 exclusively to offices. Distributed among 7 floors, it offers optimal surface use.


This exclusive office building is in Madrid’s financial and business district, an area consolidated thanks to its privileged situation and where the main offices of the most renown national and international companies can be found.

The total building surface area is greater than 3.000 m2, distributed among 9 floors. It provides spaces adapted to both medium and large-scale companies, as well as offering multiple modulation possibilities within its classic and corporate image.

The building illustrates the comprehensive renovation and restoration process undergone, which preserved its historic and classic nature and equipped it with cutting-edge facilities and services, essential to office buildings with current technology.


This new building, designed by Ricardo Bofill, faces architectural works o the stature of the Music Auditorium of Barcelona, the National Theatre of Cataluña and Barcelona Glories, the largest shopping and business centre in the city.

The eleven-floor building, with a total surface area of more than 8.000 m2, rises in the midst of these works. The same services are offered to medium and large-scale companies.
Each of the building’s elements and details are dedicated to projecting corporate images with the maximum level of comfort, accessibility and elegance.


This office building is located in the heart of Barcelona’s extended area, where Numancia Street and Berlín Street meet. This is a choice location that joins the Diagonal with the Plaza de España, the core of the city’s economic activity.
Ricardo Bofill’s 10-floor design is perfectly equipped to house any type of business and can be used as a single unit or subdivided into two or three areas each with independent access. This provides its more than 17.000 m2 with an agile and versatile distribution, broadening the scope of possibilities.
In short, Numancia Berlín represents a new dimension of building, where the functionality of the design and infrastructure meet to form one solid, avant-garde architectural exponent.


The residential complex Ancón Sierra is located in one of Marbella’s most privileged areas, Las Lomas of the Marbella Club. A lush vegetation provides the background for this Mediterranean architecture. This architectural set of buildings, with their majestic design and hight-quality finishes offers magnificent views of the sea in a pleasant tropical setting.
Six buildings house 81 apartments of high standing with different sizes and distribution. The construction and the stunning environment complement one another perfectly, the white facades in stark contrast to the bright reds, greens, and yellows of the gardens surroundings the complex.


Iberinve developed the project designed by one of Madrid’s most prominent architect’s, Federico Echevarría. Under his direction, Iberinve meticulously restored this centrally located office building with a surface area of more than 3.000 m2.

This project, consisting in modernising an office building with the introduction of new construction systems applied to restoration procedures, is enhanced by the exceptional results achieved on the façade.


The Barajas I building is located within two minutes of Madrid’s international airport, next to the airport highway and only 15 minutes from the city centre.

This new building was conceived with a vision of creating a mixed space capable of accommodating both administration and productive functions. The basic idea focused on bringing the company’s main office closer to the area where develops its activities. Barajas I is distributed in seven different levels and offers a total space of 36.341 m2.


This building is located on María de Molina Street, nº 54, in the traditional Salamanca quarter, between Velázquez and Príncipe de Vergara Streets. It is a large office building set in the main thoroughfare of the Paseo de la Castellana and airport axis.

The comprehensive restoration project creates a perfect symbiosis between man and architecture, an aesthetic and contemporary luxury that embodies the maxim of its creator, Ricardo Bofill, to its final outcome: an human-scale office building.

Twelve floors of offices and services, distributed throughout more than 10.000 m2, are set in a spacious framework conceived to admit different distribution and modifications tailored to the needs and tastes of the users.


This stately building is one of the most outstanding examples of neo-Renaissance architecture in Madrid and its construction dates back to 1917. It is located at number 6 of Gran Vía, one important artery in the very heart of the city, in the surroundings of the Bank of Spain, the Courts, the Stock Exchange very close to the headquarters of the main banks and to the most prestigious hotels.

Iberinve carried out the complete rehabilitation of the 4th and 6th floors, which since 1996 has been occupied by the IBERCENTER Business Center. Ibercenter Business Center was born to respond to the growing need of small and medium-sized companies to find quality and highly representative offices that fit their needs.


The Vega building is located in the business and commercial area of the Salamanca district, next to the María de Molina – Avenida de América axis, the main connection route between the city and the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport.

This building was the work of Miguel Fisac, one of the best Spanish architects of the 20th century, and a radical innovator of architecture.

The Vega building has a star plan composition, due to the triangular plot on which it sits, and which conditioned this composition of the building.

The building is made up of three rectangular bodies with five floors linked by a central communication and toilet core. This star plan facilitates communications from the central core, but at the same time allows independence to the different venues.
Its porticoed structure is made of exposed reinforced concrete and has lateral overhangs. Its structure and continuous windows make it a very bright building. It has a strong horizontal character.
IBERINVE has the first floor of this building, which houses the IBERCENTER Business Center.


Property located in the Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán 4, whose renovation works ended in 2017. This plaza has thus become one of the busiest enclaves in Azca, as it is an open space, won by residents.

In this area, framed between the streets Orense, General Perón and Paseo de la Castellana, the greatest economic activity of the capital is concentrated. It is also an important commercial area, in which the Moda Shopping center or the Corte Inglés stand out. The restaurant offer is also varied.
IBERINVE has 6000 m2 of offices in this fully renovated property, of which its concrete and glass facade stands out.
It is attached to the Holiday Inn hotel, a few meters from the Holiday Gym, and has two parking floors that allow direct access to the offices.