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These General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of this Website that IBERINVE S.A.U. (hereinafter, Iberinve) provides to internet users. By using the website: it is understood that users accept these General Terms and Conditions, which should be read each time they use this website, as both the website and the conditions are subject to modifications. USERS are solely responsible for entering this website and access entails accepting and reading the legal notices, and terms and conditions of use contained therein.

For this reason it is recommended that users carefully read the contents of the General Terms and Conditions each time they set out to use the website.

Users commit to using the website, the contents and the services in accordance with the law, this legal notice, good use and customs and public order.

All the contents included on this website are provided exclusively for information purposes, such that under no circumstances do they serve as grounds for appeals or claims or constitute a source of rights. Iberinve reserves the right to modify the contents of the website without prior notification.

Users are obliged to use the website and all of its contents solely for legal and unprohibited purposes that do not breach prevailing legislation and/or may harm the legal rights of Iberinve or any third party, and/or cause any direct or indirect damage or harm.

In addition, the user commits to (without limitation), not transfer, disseminate or provide third parties with information, data, content, messages, images, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings and in general, any kind of material that:

  • In any way is contrary to, disregards or attacks fundamental rights and constitutionally recognised public freedoms, those in international treaties or any other legislation;
  • Causes, incites or promotes criminal, slanderous, defamatory, indecent or violent actions or in general any that are contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs or against public order cause,
    incite or promote actions, attitudes, discriminatory thinking with regards gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition;
  • Includes, provides or allows access to products, items, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, offensive, toxic, degrading or in general, contrary to the law, morals and generally accepted good customs or public order;
  • Is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, outdated, in such a way that it misleads or could mislead the interpretations of the subject or the intentions or aims of the communicator;
  • Is protected by any kind of intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having first obtained the necessary authorisation from the owners for intended or actual use;
  • Breaches the trade secrets of third parties;
  • Is contrary to the honour, personal or family privacy or the reputation of people;
  • In any way discredits Iberinve;
  • Breaches regulations on confidential communications;
  • Comprises, where appropriate, illegal, misleading or false advertising and in general, unfair competition;
  • Contains viruses or other physical or digital items which may damage and halt the normal operations of the network, system or I.T. equipment (hardware and software) belonging to Iberinve or third parties or that may harm electronic documents and files stored on this I.T. equipment;
  • Due to its nature (such as format, extension, etc.) may cause difficulties in normal service operations.

Users commit to not hindering the access of other users to the service by massively consuming the I.T. resources via which the Company provides its service, as well as not performing any actions which may harm, interrupt or cause errors in these systems.


Iberinve does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of website operations or its content, and therefore its use by users is on their own account and at their own risk, and they cannot, under any circumstances, make Iberinve liable for this in any way.

Whenever reasonably possible, Iberinve will forewarn of interruptions to website operations; Iberinve cannot guarantee use of the website for any specific activity, nor its infallibility.

Access to Iberinve’s website is of unlimited duration, nevertheless, Iberinve reserves the right to deny access without prior notice for maintenance and repair operations or any updates or improvements.

Iberinve reserves the right to restrict public access to certain sections of the website in general, limiting itself solely to specific user groups by providing them with an access password for which they are responsible.

Iberinve does not accept any liability arising from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone or disconnection faults in the operating system of the electronic system, caused by reasons outside Iberinve’s control.

Likewise, Iberinve does not accept any liability arising from operational delays or saturations of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloading of telephone lines or the internet, nor for damages caused by third parties due to illegal intrusions outside of the Company’s control. In any case, whatever its cause,Iberinve shall not accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage, consequential damage and/or lost earnings.

Users are solely responsible for any claim or legal action, in or out of court, lodged by third parties against Iberinve based on Users’ website usage. Where appropriate, Users will bear the expenses, costs and compensation incurred by the Company for such claims or legal actions.

Users will always be liable for the harm and damages of any kind that Iberinve may incur, directly or indirectly, as a result of the non-compliance of any of the obligations in the General Terms and Conditions or the law with regards the use of the Website.


Iberinve reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to its Website, at any time and without prior notification, to users that do not comply with these General Terms and Conditions or any specific terms and conditions that may be applicable.


Iberinve will make and use all reasonable efforts and resources to provide updated and reliable information on the website, nevertheless, it does not assume any liability with regards the absence of errors, potential inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the contents accessible through this website.

Iberinve will attempt as far as possible to update and amend any information stored on its Website that does not fulfil the minimum requirements of veracity. Nevertheless, it will be exempt from any liability arising from not updating or amending said information, as well as for the contents and information expressed therein.

Iberinve reserves the right to delete any content that may be untrue, inaccurate or contrary to the law, morals, public order and good customs.

Iberinve is not liable for any harm or damage of any kind that may arise due to the lack of veracity, accuracy, depth and/or current relevance of the contents transferred, disseminated, stored, made available or received, obtained or accessed through the Website; nor for the contents provided by third parties or entities.

Iberinve is not liable for the use that Users make of the services and products on the Website nor for their passwords, or any other Website material that breaches the intellectual and industrial property rights or any other rights of third parties.


The links or content links that can be contained within the Website may lead the User to other websites managed by third parties.

Iberinve accepts no liability for the information found outside the Website, given that the sole function of the links that appear is to inform Users of the existence of other sources of information on a specific topic.

Iberinve is exempt from any liability for the correct functioning of the links, the outcome of clicking on these links, the veracity and legality of the contents or information that may be accessed, as well as the damage that may be incurred by Users in virtue of the information found on the linked website.


All website contents, unless otherwise indicated, are the exclusive property of Iberinve or third parties who have authorised their inclusion on the Website and, without limitation, the graphic designs, source code, logos, texts, images, illustrations, photographs and other items that appear on the website. The brands, logos and any other industrial property that appears on this site belongs to Iberinve and is protected by law.

The use of any of the contents of our Website is strictly forbidden without Iberinver’s authorisation in writing.

The following are also prohibited:

  • Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any other way publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the contents, unless with the authorisation of the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted;
  • Deleting, manipulating or in any way altering the copyright and other data identifying the rights of Iberinve.
  • Attempting to obtain the Contents by employing procedures or resources other than those which, as the case may be: a) have been provided for this purpose or have been indicated for this purpose on the Website where the Contents are; or b) in general, are used on the internet for this purpose provided that there is no risk of damage or inoperability for the website, Services and/or the Contents.
  • Establishing this Website as a framework for others, however, a link to our internet address (Website url address) may be allowed provided that it is not linked to false, inaccurate, incorrect information that can lead to an error or confusion or is illegal, immoral or contrary to good customs.
  • Users can download the Website to their terminal provided that it is for private use, and not for commercial purposes, and therefore the Website contents cannot be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, transferred, transformed or used for public or commercial purposes.

The breach of any of these aforementioned rights may constitute an infringement of these provisions, as well as an offence punishable in accordance with articles 270 and following of the Criminal Code.

Iberinve does not grant any kind of personal licence or authorisation to Users on their intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights related to their Website and the services offered therein.

Therefore, Users acknowledge that the reproduction, distribution, marketing, transformation and in general, any other form of exploitation, by any procedure, of part or all of the contents of this Website constitutes a breach of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the Company and their owner.Por ello, el Usuario reconoce que la reproducción, distribución, comercialización, transformación, y en general, cualquier otra forma de explotación, por cualquier procedimiento, de todo o parte de los contenidos de esta web constituye una infracción de los derechos de propiedad intelectual y/o industrial de La Compañía o del titular de los mismos.


Service provision is governed by Spanish legislation, with the User expressly submitting to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.